Latest News
Mar. 08th, 09 ::A video with the highlights of Sean's latest Muay Thai fight has been added here
Jan. 02nd, 09 ::More pics of Sean shooting for NCIS have been added, this time for 6x15 Deliverance. Also there's a new page set up which will keep you updated with everything regarding his current movie project "The Capture"
Dec. 17th, 08 ::Besides shooting for NCIS Sean also started working on an independent war film called "The Capture". Stay tuned for more news on this project.
Dec. 17th, 08 ::Recently Sean shot a few more scenes for an upcoming episode of NCIS. It's called 6x15 Deliverance. Only downside is you won't see his face in this episode.
Nov. 03rd, 08 ::Sean took the time to answer your questions. Go here to read the full Q&A.
Oct. 27th, 08 ::Some more pics of Sean have been added. >>Go here.
Plus an e-mail address has been set up waiting for your questions for Sean. Send them here
Oct. 15th, 08 ::A few Screencaps of NCIS 6x04 Heartland have been added. >>Go here.
Oct. 14th, 08 ::Today NCIS 6x04 Heartland is broadcasted for the very first time. The perfect day to let this page go online officially.