Since the NCIS episode Heartland (6x04) will be broadcasted this weekend arranged an interview for German website Serienjunkies. This is your opportunity to read their questions and Sean's answers. Have fun!

Serienjunkies: Your full name is Sean Thomas Harmon but you are credited as Sean Harmon. Why?
SH: I dunno less letters?

SJ: What was the toughest part about filming Heartland?
SH: Trying to capture Gibbs' character before he became the hard ass we all know and love.

SJ: Did you watch the show to prepare for the role?
SH: As my dad is on the show I have seen it many times. But yes, I did.

SJ: Do you have any interesting stories to share from filming Heartland or Deliverance?
SH: Well, in deliverance they had me jump into a pond at one point and the first time we did it I ended up to my waist in sludge. Haha goodtimes.

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